Yoji Yamamoto

An NPC who aids the party in Rokugan.


Yoji Mamamoto is a man of great status in Rokugan. At birth, he was destined for greatness, and he was able to prove his worth while surviving in The Shadowlands for a week with nothing to help him fight off the evil Tainted forces of The Shadowlands. Returning alive, he was gladly taught the ways of the Samurai of The Crane Clan. He then became a master of Ki, the energies in the human body.
Upon his twenty third birthday, Yoji was married to a daughter of an Elder of the Cranes, Sakura, but upon the ceremony, Scorpion assassins who infiltrated the wedding assassinated Yoji and Sakura alike.
Upon his final moments of life, the Ki inside of Yoji awakened, and he was able to withstand the blow, while also using his Ki to increase his speed in combat.
From that day forward, Yoji has mastered his Ki, and is able to keep himself alive well beyond his years (he is 350 years old.)

In the campaign, Smitsapostle, Aria, and Gible are taken to the world of Rokugan by means of SPirit Guides, and follow Yoji on a conquest to rid the plane of Rokugan from the evils of The Dark Yoshimatsu.


Yoji Yamamoto

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